As part of the fourth use case of INCIT-EV, Politecnico di Torino, the City of Turin, LINKS Foundation, IREN, Prima Electro and FPT Industrial explore the interoperability between public transport and electric vehicles infrastructures, both at technical and regulatory levels.

It originates from the strong belief that the future of electric vehicles charging lies in more synergy and cooperation between local stakeholders.

The associated demonstrator is a charging station that includes :

  • ten bidirectional 3.6kW DC chargers
  • one 150kW DC charger whose architecture is modular (3x50kW modules) and that can be helped by the low-power chargers.

It will be located in the Torino Caio Mario Park. Its hallmark innovation stems from the power source of the charging points: a direct connection to one of Torino’s AC/DC conversion substations whose main purpose is to power part of Torino’s tramway grid.

Both sides of the equation will reap benefits:

  • the direct connection in DC makes the usual AC DC conversion stage unnecessary, making the overall infrastructure more efficient and more cost-effective ;
  • thanks to an extra load, the tramway grid gains stability, resulting in a decrease of the voltage spikes.

Beyond the technical aspects, an integral part of the UC4 development is to accompany the outline of a legal framework regulating the implementation of DC power supplies, especially since the replication potential of the UC is very high.

The demo site was commissioned in April 2024.

Read the associated deliverable