Led by CIRCE, INCIT-EV’s seventh use case focuses on pushing the boundaries of an innovative technology: opportunity wireless charging, an application of static inductive charging.

This technology has a strong potential, especially for public transport vehicles such as buses and cabs. By making it possible to recharge themselves at bus stops or in the waiting areas, it allows them to make the most of the time spent at standstill.

On a broader level, static inductive wireless charging also makes it possible to reduce the size of the batteries of electric vehicles by making it possible to recharge them more frequently, therefore increasing their energy efficiency. It also enables fleet managers to reduce the number of vehicles in their fleet by significantly reducing the time specifically dedicated to charging the vehicles.

The UC 7 demonstrator is currently being implemented in Zaragoza, in Spain. It should be operational by the end of autumn 2023.

Inauguration of the UC 7 demonstrator in Zaragoza