Brief Description

IREN, a multi-utility Company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, operates in the sectors of electricity (production, distribution and sale), thermal energy for district heating (production and sale), gas (regasification, distribution and sale), the management of integrated water services, environmental services (collection and disposal of waste) and energy services.

  • IREN is structured as an industrial parent company with its main corporate offices in Reggio Emilia, operating units in Genoa, Parma, Piacenza, and Torino, and separate companies in charge of the individual business lines. Iren S.p.A. handles strategic, development, coordination and monitoring activities, while the four operating companies ensure the coordination and development of the four business lines:
  • Iren Energia in the electricity and heat energy production sector and the technological services sector;
  • IRETI in the gas and electricity distribution business and in the integrated water service;
  • Iren Mercato as regards the sale of electricity, gas and district heating;
  • Iren Ambiente in the waste collection, in the design and management of waste treatment and disposal plants and in the renewable energies sector.

The linked third party of IREN S.p.A. participating to the project will be IREN Mercato and IRETI.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

IREN will mainly contribute to WP8 “Use cases deployment and demonstration in Turin”, focusing on the demo site implementation of innovative charging infrastructures connected to the tramway DC grid.
IREN will be involved in all the 3 subtasks coordinating the activities of task 8.2 “Charging hub in a park-and-ride facility in Turin”. IREN will also work on Project management activities of WP 1, on WP 5 and WP 12 for communication and dissemination activities.