Find here our latest deliverables:



(New ) D2.4 – Use cases evaluation from the users perspective 

(New) D2.5 – Future strategies and recommendations to support e-mobility 

D3.10_INCIT-EV Report on user centric EV charging infrastructure

D4.12_INCIT-EV_Grid, urban and road infrastructure upgrading for meeting user expectations

D5.4 INCIT-EV Data Management Plan

D5.5 INCIT-EV Implementation of INCIT-EV ICT platform

D5.6 INCIT-EV User Interfaces


D7.2 INCIT-EV Amsterdam-Utrecht urban area UC-1 complete solution description

D7.4 INCIT-EV Paris urban area UC-2 complete solution description

D7.6 INCIT-EV Zaragoza urban area energy model and UC-6 complete solution description

D8.2 INCIT-EV Turin peri-urban area energy model and UC-4 equipment detail engineering and development

D8.4 – Versailles extra-urban area UC-3 complete solution description

D8.6 Tallinn extra-urban area UC-5 complete solution description

D9.1 INCIT-EV Use cases value proposition considering the whole ecosystem

D9.2 Demand Scenarios (Roadmap) for the different use cases through PESTEL and estimation of penetration curves

D9.3 – Cost benefit analysis from administration point of view 

(New) D9.7 – Replication potential of technologies in the EU


D10.2 INCIT-EV – Project Website

D10.3_INCIT-EV_Project Visual Materials

D10_4_INCIT-EV_Project Synergies Report V3

D10_8 INCIT EV 1st update of communication and dissemination activities

D10.9 INCIT EV First Update of Project Visual Materials

(New) – D10.10 INCIT-EV Final update of Dissemination and communication plan 

(New) – D10.12 Second update of Project Visual Materials