Enabling electric vehicles drivers to charge their car faster is key to boost the adoption of electric mobility.

As part of the 5th use case of the INCIT-EV Project, Eesti Energia internationally known as Enefit, developed an innovative high-power charging system with two 200 kilowatts DC CSS super-fast chargers.

These chargers enable EV users to fully charge their vehicle in less than fifteen minutes. They can identify themselves and pay either through the Enefit Volt application or through a RFID payment system.

In addition to its main use, the charging system is also able to interact with the DSO SCADA platform. As a consequence, it can provide ancillary services under the distribution system operators (DSO) command:

  • When there is no electric vehicle charging, it can act as a remote-controlled load and therefore directly support the power system stability ;
  • It can also act as a static reactive compensator with a high response time to prevent voltage drops that could cause power failure.

The chargers are also integrated with the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) platform and can therefore help transmission system operators (TSO) regulate the grid frequency.

The contruction of the demonstrator was completed at the beginning of May 2024. Tests are currently underway.

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