Brief Description

FPT Industrial S.p.A. (FPT) is the company of CNH Industrial group dedicated to the development, production and sales of powertrains for On-Road, Off-Road, Marine and Power Generation applications. With more than a hundred years of experience, FPT Industrial has always been committed to introducing innovative technological solutions which offer excellent performance, reduced fuel consumption and minimized polluting emissions. The company employs over 8,400 people worldwide, in 10 plants and 7 Research & Development centres. FPT Industrial’s product range is extensive, featuring engines ranging from 2.2 to 20 litres with an output from 31 to 740 kW, and five and six-speed longitudinal transmissions with a maximum torque from 200 to 500 Nm. The range is completed by alternative fuels engines, including Natural Gas.
CNH Industrial’s vision for FPT Industrial is to always be ahead of its competitors on the way to high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission levels of the powertrains in use at the same time as providing its customers with any knowledge and technical support they may require. Within the research and innovation on electrified powertrain for commercial vehicles, the project represents an opportunity for FPT Industrial to further boost the competence on urban and peri urban charging infrastructure and electric LCV user behaviour, allowing to strengthen the competitiveness and increase market share in the mid-long term perspective.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

FPT will participate mainly in WP2: due to its wide experience with commercial vehicles including delivery vans N1 class (produced by IVECO), FPT will be involved from the initial part of the Project in the user characterisation and mobility pattern for commercial vehicles in urban and peri urban areas.
In addition, FPT will contribute in the following activites.
WP4: assessment of interoperability of V2X communication from vehicle perspective
WP9: FPT will follow the development of the demonstration in Turin, evaluating the technical compatibility of the developed solutions with its EV and the potential impact as a stakeholder. Possible deployment of Turing demo site with E-Daily thank to IVECO LTP.
WP10: FPT with IVECO (LTP) as part of CNH group, one of the major OEM for commercial vehicles, will actively participate to the definition of the business case and replication potential of the project’s outcome.