Over the last few years, the number of electric vehicles on the road has been steadily increasing. It results in a growing demand for power on the electricity grid at peak hours, sometimes causing power outages.

Against that background, INCIT-EV partners TotalEnergies, GreenFlux and MRA-Elektrisch developed an innovative technology and implemented it in the city of Haarlem, in the Netherlands: aggregated smart charging.

Thanks to a smart algorithm, aggregated smart charging optimises the local distribution of power upon request by the local Grid operator. The algorithm is based on various inputs such as:

  • connection time
  • EV charging capabilities
  • charge station constraints
  • EV drivers’ preferences,

Aggregated smart charging comes with a lot of benefits such as:

  • a reduced congestion on the electricity grid allowing more stations to be installed while keeping the impact on the grid at the same level
  • a decreased carbon footprint of electricity consumption.
  • reduced costs at different levels. The grid operators and the public save money as the need for expensive grid upgrades is reduced. At the same time, EV drivers save money through a more efficient use of the network and a smarter scheduling of charging.

On top of that, it does not have any negative impact on EV drivers thanks to the algorithm using the aggregated flexibility of a pool of charging stations, and because most of the time EVs stay at the charging station much longer than required.

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