In recent months, INCIT-EV partners Politecnico di Torino and Comune di Torino have been exploring interoperability between public transport and electric vehicles infrastructure

They used the Turin tramway as an example, driven by a shared conviction: the future of electric vehicles charging lies in more synergy and cooperation between local stakeholders.

Following a research phase, the civil works to build this real-life demonstrator will begin in September.

It will encompass: 

  • ten 3.6 kW DC chargers
  • one 150 kW charger.

For now, this is how the charging infrastructure looks like!

Connecting the charging station infrastructure with the tramway infrastructure comes with several benefits, including: 

  • A more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure thanks to the direct DC connection ;
  • An increased stability for the tramway grid. 

It is key to develop an efficient, open-access public-charging infrastructure and thereby support the boom of the electric vehicles market in the coming years. 

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