CORDIS, the European Commission’s primary service for EU-funded research results, recently published an article about the INCIT-EV project

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The article is based on the interview of Miguel Zarzuela, INCIT-EV coordinator. 

He first reflects on the ambition of the project: developing an innovative set of charging technologies increasing the synergies with the electricity grid while easing EV adoption for users and with the ultimate goal of fostering the EV market share in the EU”. INCIT-EV charging technologies aim at making charging as easy as possible in order to boost the adoption of electric mobility in Europe. 

He also outlines INCIT-EV main results and achievements, including:

  • the validation of inductive charging technology and smart and bidirectional charging that has more than 100 public sites that are now in the testing phase.
  • the decarbonation of the European transport system and reduced air pollution

For more information, please read the Results pack on Electric Vehicles, a thematic collection of project results tailored to the needs of specialised audiences who can further exploit them. It highlights 10 projects funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding programme delivering Europe’s green mobility targets.

Read the Results pack