Power demand is currently soaring in some parts of Europe. Grid congestion is gradually becoming a major issue in some countries like The Netherlands. 

Against that background, the surge in sales of electric vehicles in recent months appears to exacerbate this power crisis. 

However, electric vehicles can actually turn into a strong asset to curb grid congestion thanks to solutions like smart charging or bidirectional charging.

How do INCIT-EV partners reduce grid congestion in The Netherlands?

INCIT-EV teams have been working on these technologies for four years as they are at the heart of some of our use cases: 

How is it possible to leverage these technologies to curb grid congestion?

To find out, don’t miss our webinar : “Smart and V2G Charging: are EVs the problem or the solution to grid congestion?”! on April 8th from 11:00 to 12:30 CET. 

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Tentative agenda

11:00    INCIT-EV Introduction   

CIRCE – Project Coordinator

Miguel Zarzuela

11:10    Aggregated Smart Charging, a grid congestion solution?

Bram Eijsedn (TOTAL ENERGIES) and Bob Elders (GREENFLUX)

11:25    V2G – AC vs DC bidirectional chargers

Robin Berg (WeDriveSolar) and Antonio Muñoz (CIRCE)

11:50    Panel discussion with automotive industry

STELLANTIS, IVECO and previous panelists

Olivier Bouttaz, Damien Pierre Sainflou (STELLANTIS), Gianluca Donato (IVECO) and previous panelists

12:30    End of webinar