The Use Case 1.c of INCIT-EV focuses on making electric mobility more accessible.

More specifically, INCIT-EV partner MRA-Elektrisch focused on developing a methodology dedicated to flat owners who want to switch to an electric vehicle but live in an apartment block with a shared parking garage that is not equipped with a charging station yet.

Being dependent on a shared parking garage has proven to be a major obstacle to the transition to electromobility. Decision-making, finances and technology are more complex and require specific expertise not available in the owner’s associations that manage the shared facilities.

The methodology covers both technical and legal points and is backed up by webinars.

MRA-Elektrisch supports the owners in selecting the technical and financial options and an charge point operator. This has helped them overcome the main difficulties, especially the reluctance of other inhabitants to invest in a shared charging infrastructure and a cumbersome decision-making process.

The methodology has led to the design of an affordable and high-quality solution that suits the needs of the owners and fits within the limits of grid capacity.

The demonstrator was commissioned early 2023. It is currently being tested in real-life situations in Purmerend, located to the north of Amsterdam.

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