Last week, Miguel Zarzuela represented INCIT-EV at the RTR Conference 2024, in Brussels

He took part in the session that focused on the “User-centric charging solutions”, along with representatives from two other Horizon Europe projects

  • Baerte De Brey, SCALE Project coordinator and Vice-President at AVERE – The European Association for Electromobility
  • Hugo Morais and Matej Zajc from the EV4EU Project

These European Projects are also part of the Synergy club created in 2020 upon the initiative of the User-CHI, eSmart, eCharge4drivers and INCIT-EV projects

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Here are the session key takeaways

  • All participants stressed the importance of placing users at the center of the development of charging infrastructures
  • They showcased the solutions developed as part of the INCIT-EV, SCALE and EV4EU Projects to best answer users’ needs and concerns.
  • INCIT-EV is paving the way in the field of inductive charging. Our teams designed and implemented the first demonstrator based on EU-made technology aiming at both static and dynamic charging. The existing test enables wireless charging with an efficiency of 90% under laboratory conditions, which is reduced to 85% with some dynamic misalignment. 
  • Miguel Zarzuela also presented low-cost power electronics developed as part of INCIT-EV, aiming at 250 €/kW for V2G technologies. All projects are waiting for the final implementation of ISO 15118-20 by OEMs, which will enable V2G on a commercial scale.
  • EV4EU and SCALE focused on V2X and Grid services provided by emobility.
Watch the full "User-centric charging solutions" session