The overall purpose of the INCIT-EV Project is to boost the adoption of electric mobility in Europe by improve the user experience of electric vehicle drivers. 

To that extent, communication and dissemination are absolutely key to ensure that INCIT-EV results are spread widely and benefit as many European Citizens. 

INCIT-EV partners AVERE France and CIRCE just issued the deliverable 10.10 : Final update of dissemination and communication plan.

Discover INCIT-EV communication and dissemination plan

The INCIT-EV project has successfully concluded its initial phase, with the production of planned communication materials. Notably, ongoing collaboration with other EU-funded projects in electric mobility remains a key focus. This collaboration is facilitated through the regular meetings of the  Synergy club , involving the contribution of more than 5 projects. This joint initiative originated from the RTR Conference in 2021 and was strengthened by the CINEA project officers, showcasing our commitment to building partnerships within the EU framework. 

The project is now looking at the last 12 months of its implementation with special focus on the final event, public videos of each of the Use Cases and further dissemination of the public deliverables and solutions of the project to the wider audience. Final event, Advisory Board, Newsletter, Synergy Club, website and social media updates are the main expected actions until the end of the project.