The INCIT-EV project aims to boost the adoption of electric mobility within Europe. Coordinated by CIRCE, it brings together more than 30 partners and benefited from an overall budget of more than 18 million euros

Over the past four years, INCIT-EV partners have developed an innovative set of charging infrastructures and technologies that will shape the future of electric mobility such as inductive charging, smart charging or wireless charging. They also focused on designing their associated business models

The INCIT-EV Final Event will take place in Paris and Versailles on June 26 and 27. Participants will have the opportunity to attend several round tables

  • Decoding the EV users and stakeholders’ needs and expectations
  • Aggregated smart Vehicle-to-Grid technology: a grid congestion solution 
  • Quantifying the need for charging infrastructures and planning their set up
  • Interoperability for inductive charging: presentation of the INCIT-EV solution
  • Investing in charging infrastructures: costs, benefits and main barriers for a fast implementation. 

You can find the detailed tentative agenda here.

In-person attendees will also be able to take part in tours of the charging infrastructures that have been set up in Paris and Versailles that recently enabled technological feats at international scale!  

The Final Event will bring together key players in the electric mobility sector as well as European political decision-makers. Click the button below to register yourself and discover some of Europe’s most promising innovations in electric mobility

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