Institute VEDECOM

Brief Description

VEDECOM is a non- Profit research foundation and a French Institute for Public-Private Partnership in Research and Training dedicated to individual, carbon-free and sustainable mobility. VEDECOM was created in February 2014 and is an Institute for Energy Transition (IET) established as part of the French government’s ‘Investment for the future plan’ (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir or PIA). The Institute is dedicated to individual, carbon-free and sustainable mobility.

With the backing of its founders and of the Mov’eo competitive cluster since 2010, VEDECOM is a partnership-based foundation belonging to Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University. The Institute’s 40 members include firms in the automotive and aviation sectors, mobility ecosystem infrastructure and service operators, academic research bodies and Ile-de-France local authorities, all working together in a pioneering manner.

VEDECOM’s vocation is to be a centre of excellence primarily focused on industrial and/or services development through the pooling and strengthening of public and private research capabilities. It covers the entire innovation process up to demonstration and industrial prototyping. To achieve VEDECOM’s ambition of becoming a European leader, its research activities are focussed in three fields:
– Vehicle Electrification
– Driving Delegation and Connectivity
– Shared mobility and energy
VEDECOM will contribute to INCIT-EV with skilled and experienced personnel from all these three core fields, in particular:
– Vehicle Electrification, domain 06 – (VEH 06) Innovative Charging systems for EV’s
– Driving Delegation and Connectivity, Domain 08, (VEH 08)
– New secure communications and cooperative security (MOB01)
– Shared Mobility and Energy, Domain 06 – (MOB 06) Shared mobility

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

VEDECOM will be the main responsible of the development fo the DWPT system for urban and road environments. Therefore, VEDECOM will lead Task 3.4, related to this technology. In addition, VEDECOM will lead WP8, related to the demonstration of the solutions in extra-urban environments, coordinating the works within the different use cases deployed within this WP. In particular, VEDECOM will be the supervisor of the UC3, related to the demonstration of the DWPT on road environments. In addition VEDECOM will be involved in the following technical WP
• WP3 – User centric EV charging solutions (MOB01, VEH06, VEH08)
• WP4 – Grid and infrastructure upgrading for meeting users’ expectations
• WP7 – Use cases deployment and demonstration in centred-urban areas
• WP9 – Use cases and solutions replication: Business cases and exploitation
• WP 10 – Communication and dissemination activities