Brief Description

TRIA is an SME focused on the transport sector with its main expertise coming from Rail. Tria is in 6 countries with a global annual turnover of 15 million Euro and 150 employees. In the company’s strategy, the electrification of the transportation is one of the pillars on which to build our future.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

The main tasks we will be performing in this project will be related to the prototype to be installed in Saragossa. Specifically, TRIA will be involved in UC6 (WP7, and particularly in Task 7.4), performing the following tasks

  • Study of the industrialization of the solution.
  • Study of the packaging of the land installation and its refrigeration.
  • Study of the implementation of the vehicle installation.

Provide and install the 4 chargers for Taxis at the Train Station Taxi Stop.