Red Eléctrica España

Brief Description

On January 29th, 1985, Red Eléctrica de España was born as the first company in the world exclusively involved in electricity system operation and transmission. It is currently the solely Spanish Transmission System Operator (TSO).
Now, 30 years later, that network stretches to more than 42,000 km with a workforce of over 1,700 people. Our objective is to guarantee the safe and continuous supply of electricity throughout Spain and to develop a reliable transmission network to support social progress.
REE’s mission is to guarantee the correct functioning of the electricity system and to ensure the continuity and security of the electricity supply at all times. To that end, we supervise and coordinate the generation-transmission system and manage the development of the transmission grid. The Company carries out this mission under the principles of neutrality, transparency, and independence, with the aim of providing a secure, efficient electricity service of maximum quality for society.
REE’s vision is to be a leading company in the management of critical infrastructures, in particular high-voltage transmission and in the operation of electricity grids, recognised at a global level for offering service of the highest quality, having ethical and responsible management, maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable development, and creating value for all of our stakeholders.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

As TSO, the main activity of REE will be focused on WP6 aimed at developing the Decision Support System (DSS). This contribution will be particularly intense in the early stages of its specification in order to secure that TSO needs are properly addressed and later on in the validation of the results in order to maximize their usability and smooth integration into TSO related activities such as network planning and operation.
In addition, REE will also participate in the Spanish use case in Saragossa and will support as much as possible dissemination activities, specially in connection to other European TSO in the frame of ENTSO-E and similar forums. Finally, and with a lower profile REE may also contribute to refine other WPs devoted to the impact in grid infrastructure as well as user behaviour related issues.