Brief Description

QI Europe is a Spanish SME, comprised of engineers, economists and market analysts. The fields of specialization are Sustainable Mobility, Clean Energy (renewable and efficient technologies), Environment and e-health, although some other areas are also overcome (ITC, innovative materials, security…).
Qi Europe provides business models and plans, economic insights and techno-financial assessment on emerging technologies for strategic alliances, competitive intelligence services, mergers and/or technology valuation, making models to pave the way from R&D to the markets with a very strong value proposition and overcoming the financial, legal and technical barriers. Qi Europe also works in tasks related with the management of European R&D or innovation projects (coordination, dissemination, horizontal tasks…) and in the IPR arrangements.
The mission of Qi Europe is to help promote the paradigm shift to ensure the greatest possible impact of European R&D in its 9 areas (research, economic, ethical, social, environmental, private investment, political, educational and regulatory) by the design and implementation of business plans to exploit credible results, both in preparing projects and later in the international expansion of products and/or services developed by its clients. Specifically, the company provides the following services:
• Impact evaluation defined as the long-term progress generated in the broadest economic, social and environmental terms and represents the expected effects on the economy and society assuming complete success of the proposal.
• Technology and corporate assessment: It include the techno-economic assessment of a product, project or a technology-based company in the interest of a client over that technology. Services include LCCA, LCA, cost-benefits analysis, value proposition or corporate services identifying the right partners to complement the company and revitalize the future market access.
• Business Development associated to key technologies: It includes all activities aimed at the transformation of a company to improve its results. These activities are proposed in the research and development phase, when technology products or services already exist, or finally, when the firm want to act directly on the marketplace.
• International finance for technology-based companies: Qi Europe is expert in obtaining grants, subsidies, soft loans, etc., arising from the European Commission (H2020, Cosme, Structural Funds, Eurostars, Life…), and/or multilateral organizations (European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank…, which provide financing to reduce market access barriers. Qi Europe also furnish EU programs training services through recognized in and out-company courses. Qi Europe is also in contact with risk capital maximizing options for companies’ ramp-up.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Qi Europe will responsible for tasks 11.1 and 11.2 related to the business models and cost-benefit analysis, Within the use cases (7.1 and 7.6, 8.1 and 8.6, 9.1 and 9.6 and 10.1 and 10.6) the preliminary studies will be implemented through a PESTEL analysis, to assess the market potential of new product and services, implement the business analysis, review the commercialization routes, detect the major market barriers, economic flows, etc. The business models will follow the LEAN-CANVAS model or any other equivalent. The Cost-benefit analysis will compare the solution proposed with other alternatives in the market from overarching perspective (considering also externalities). Qi Europe will also participate in the large-scale replication for all the use cases estimating overall costs.
Qi Europe will also be involved in WP2 (User perception), as users’ decision-making internal process is key to determine the possibilities for the business models proposed and is it important to assess their behaviour from the very beginning. Finally, Qi Europe will participate in WP12 communication and dissemination actions as it is mandatory for all partners.