Prima Electro

Brief Description

PRIMA ELECTRO is a division of PRIMA INDUSTRIE Group which is a worldwide leader in the field of the laser machinery for the metal sheet cutting and welding applications in 2D and 3D. With 40 years of experience in the high-power lasers and laser machines for industrial applications, today the group has
about 1700 employees with many production facilities in the world such as Italy, Finland, USA, China and a worlwide sales and service network active in more than 80 countries.
The headquarter and main R&D and Innovation activities of the Group are in Italy and prima Electro has its R&D in Turin as well.

Prima Electro supplies the CNC and the laser source for the machines of the group. After the acquisition of OSAI, formerly a division of Olivetti, italian leader in the area of CNC, Prima Electro is today the first Italian manufacturer of numerical control units as well as all the relevant peripherals.
Prima Electro also designs, produces and sells dedicated industrial electronics named DOTS (Dedicated Off-The-Shelf) and offers also custom solutions for specific applications with a high level of industrialization and very competitive in terms of cost and time-to-market. Many of these dedicated products are in the field of power electronics, like inverters for large motors (up to 250 kW) and power conversion units for energy storage, railways and automotive applications.
Prima Electro has a production unit that produces high power laser source for industrial application. Recently Prima Electro has also invested in a new diode fab in Italy to include the laser diodes manufacturing in its internal processes. This allows Prima Electro to improve the laser source performances and work on different configurations of the source, integrating in a vertical way its competencences.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

The main task of Prima Electro will the design, development, prototyping, testing, validation and commissioning of the following power electronic devices:
• One 150kW Ultrafast unidirectional charging point STATIC CONDUCTIVE for cars.
• Multiple 3.6kW bidirectional conductive charging points for EVs (400V max voltage).
Hence, Prima Electro will be mainly involved in WP8, particularly in the Torino use case (T8.2.)