Gustave Eiffel University

Brief Description

The Gustave Eiffel University is a Public Institution of a Scientific and Technical Nature. It is a major player in the European research on the city and the territories, transportation and civil engineering.

The University’s role is to carry out and commission, direct, lead and appraise research, development and innovation in the areas of urban engineering, civil engineering, and construction materials, natural hazards, the transportation of persons and goods, systems and means of transport and their safety, infrastructure, and investigate their uses and impacts from the technical, economic, social, health, energy, environmental and human points of view.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

The Gustave Eiffel University is involved in two main tasks. First, it will contribute to WP2 about the user perception about charging infrastructure. Second, it will lead WP5 related to grid, urban and road infrastructure upgrading for meeting users’ expectations. These two activities match very well with main UGE recognized expertises on human factors applied to transport on one hand and civil engineering applied to road infrastructure on the other hand. The INCIT-EV project is aligned with UGE’s objective officially signed with the Ministry of transport related to the demonstration of next generation roads, including electric roads, as well as the promotion of sustainable mobility.