Brief Description

GreenFlux is a supplier of Platform As A Service (PAAS) solutions for electric vehicle charging. GreenFlux provides both a cloud-based platforms and a hardware platform.
The cloud-platform consists of three main functionalities:
• With the operator functionality, our customers can directly couple charging stations, enabling them to do operational management, fault analysis, retrieve data from the charging station and provide smart charging services.
• With the service provider functionality, our customers can provide EV-drivers with RFID cards and App-plugins. Data can be exchanged with other partners enabling roaming services.
• With the billing functionality, many pricing schemes for EV charging become possible and whole sale and retail billing is supported
The hardware-platform is a control unit with embedded software on it, with which an intelligent charging station can be built. GreenFlux is not a charge point manufacturer, but does provide charge point manufacturers with this control unit which allows them to build state of the art, remotely manageable and updateable charging stations that comply with the latest requirements from the market and certification.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

GreenFlux is one of the ICT contributors in the project and together with ATOS and CIRCE responsible for the INCIT-EV platform (WP6). Also, GreenFlux will contribute to the 1st and 3rd level of the DSS tool. This aligns well with GreenFlux’ business as provider of software solutions for electric vehicle charging and its knowledge of the current market, its players and its protocols. In this regard, GreenFlux will be mainly responsible for the User app, as well as the development of the interoperable payment systems.
GreenFlux is also one of the partners in the first Use Case (WP7), where GreenFlux will use the tools developed in WP4 and WP6 to demonstrate beyond state of the art solutions for smart charging, user involvement and induction charging.