Brief Description

Eurovia is a subsidiary of VINCI, develops mobility solutions designed to enhance economic competitiveness and strengthen social bonds by designing, building, and maintaining transport infrastructure and fostering urban development. Above all, Eurovia’s story is the story of our 39 5000 employees. Men and women, working at construction sites, quarries, recycling facilities and production plants around the world, who help write the future of Eurovia and mobility through their stories.
Eurovia around the world: 4 sectors, 15 countries, 420 business units.
In 2017, revenue is 87% in Europe and 13% in Americas. Revenus is 8.1 billions euros. The operating income from ordinary activities is 301 million euros.
The revenue by sector is:
– 70% for transport infrastructure and urban development
– 9% for materials
– 13% for industries
– 8% for services

Eurovia builds and maintain streets, roads, motorways, railways, tramways, airport runways and participates in the development of urban, industrial and commercial sites. Thanks to its industries (production of materials, mixes and road equipment), Eurovia has complete control of the transport infrastructure construction value chain. Eurovia puts risk prevention and innovation at the heart of its action.

R&D is one of the pillars of Eurovia’s business strategy. It is inseparable from sustainable development: Eurovia relies on innovation to preserve the environment, protect user safety, and ensure the sustainability of infrastructure. Research teams focus on operational needs, striving to make innovations ready for industry use.

With respect to environmental protection, research focuses on recycling techniques, waste reclamation, energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction, noise-abatement solutions, and anti-pollution road surfaces.

Regarding safety, researchers strive to improve skid resistance for road-surfacing solutions, optimize road visibility, and devise special processes for accident-prone zones.
To ensure infrastructure longevity, Eurovia develops new techniques to create durable road-surfacing solutions.
Innovations are developed by teams at the Mérignac research centre and the North American technical centre in Montréal. Their expertise has broadened as Eurovia’s scope of activities has expanded and its activities become more international. After resins and road paint, the rail sector has recently become a research focus.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

EUROVIA will work mainly on the embedment and integration of the DWPT within a extra-urban environment, this being involved mainly in WP8. During this use case, EUROVIA will also investigate on the most suitable technique to integrate the DWPT within the civil infrastructure, as well as in the development of test methods for the materials to be used within the demonstration works.