Brief Description

The Colas Group operates in every aspect of construction and maintenance for roads and for other types of transport infrastructure as well as on projects involving urban development and recreational facilities. The Group boasts two operational segments: Roads, its core business (including civil engineering and building activities), and Specialized activities that are complementary to its Roads sector (Railways, Road Safety and signalling, and Pipelines).

As a part of this business, and among the 1000+ entities of the Group, Colas Ile-de-France/Normandie and Aximum subsidiaries will bring their operational expertise and knowledge on road works and mobility services, and more in particular in the Paris area. The Campus for Science & Technique (R&D center for Colas group), will also bring their worldwide know-how and innovation skills to complement the other partner’s competencies. For instance, Colas group has already demonstrated their capabilities to work in partnership to create new technologies for the infrastructure, i.e. Wattway solar road and Flowell dynamic road marking, proving that combining decades of expertise on infrastructure and high-tech profile companies can end up creating new functions to the roads.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

The realm of Colas’ activities is threefold:

  • i) the upstream R&D activities to work on the specifications for wireless charging infrastructure, particularly in the upgrading of the civil infrastructure (i.e. WP4);
  • ii) the construction, monitoring and analysis of the Paris demo site (i.e. WP7);
  • iii) the contribution to the overall feedback in order to form up the recommendations to the EC (i.e. WP9).

More in particular, with regard to the WP5, Colas’ actions will aim at assisting the academic partners (e.g. IFSTTAR and VEDECOM) in refining their research and development with operational and worldwide feedback, in addition to assisting in the technical preparation of some laboratory tests.
Our commitment to the demo sites will deal with the specific studies ahead of the works, as well as defining some innovative quality assurance procedures to embed the inductive systems within the pavement.