Brief Description

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is local authority governing city of Bursa that covers an area of 10. 819 km2 with population of nearly 3 million. Bursa is a vibrant economic hub attracting industrial, commercial and agricultural activities. Two of the largest automotive plants (Renault and Fiat) in Turkey are located in Bursa. Thus, the city is the heart of Turkish automotive industry.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, as an authority responsible for local planning, aims sustainable development of Bursa by focusing on innovation and collaboration. Therefore, we seek international cooperation on innovative projects. Currently project (funded by UK Prosperity Fund) for developing smart city strategic plan is in approval phase. A team of technical and managerial staff with experience on planning, data analysis and management is established for this project. During the development of smart city strategic plan electric mobility will be studied thoroughly.
The duties, authorities and responsibilities of metropolitan municipalities are set out in Article 14 of the Law no 5393 Municipalities Law and articles 7, 8 and 9 of the Law No. 5216 of Metropolitan Municipalities Law. In this context, the general duties and responsibilities of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality are as follows
• Taking the views of the district municipalities located in the borders of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; To prepare the strategic plan, annual targets, investment programs and budget accordingly
• To make, coordinate and implement the Bursa Metropolitan Transport Plan; to plan and coordinate transportation and public transport services; to carry out all the work required by the traffic regulations given to the municipalities by the laws and to take all necessary measures.
• To establish passenger and freight terminals, indoor and outdoor parking lots, to make them built, to operate, to make them operated or to issue licenses.
• To carry out public transportation services and to establish, operate necessary facilities for this purpose or make them operated.
• To license the public transport vehicles.
• The decisions taken by the transport coordination center for public transport are binding on municipalities and all public institutions and organizations
Our institution is the authority related to transportation, infrastructure and environment.
As an observer/participant, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will participate to dissemination of project results. DSS tool that is proposed to be developed will be used to evaluate and boost electric mobility in the city. We will improve citizen engagement by providing tools and related information.
Environmentally sensitive transportation applications are on the agenda of our institution and are supported. Various projects are planned.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

BBB will take over the role as a follower to make use of the Decision Support System (DSS), in order to support he development of Action Plans within the city to foster a more sustainabile mobility system, especially in the fostering of EV an LEVs use, grid integration and handling of chargers, find the best market model for Norderney (small cities), reducing legal gaps and improve interoperability of the charging and payment solutions.